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…oring the window view

The current implementation fails to restore the cursor position when

- it fails to store the view due to incorrectly configured 'viewdir'
- 'viewoptions' does not include 'cursor'

Using winsaveview()/winrestview() can restore the view with no side-effect.

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This is a Vim plugin that provides Rust file detection, syntax highlighting, formatting, Syntastic integration, and more. It requires Vim 8 or higher for full functionality. Some things may not work on earlier versions.


For activating the full functionality, this plugin requires either the plugin manager or the .vimrc to have the following:

syntax enable
filetype plugin indent on

Most plugin managers don't do this automatically, so these statements are usually added by users in their vimrc right after the plugin manager load section.

Vim8 packages

git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/rust.vim


Plugin 'rust-lang/rust.vim'


git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim/bundle/rust.vim


Plug 'rust-lang/rust.vim'


call dein#add('rust-lang/rust.vim')


NeoBundle 'rust-lang/rust.vim'


Error checking with Syntastic

rust.vim automatically registers cargo as a syntax checker with Syntastic, if nothing else is specified. See :help rust-syntastic for more details.

Source browsing with Tagbar

The installation of Tagbar along with Universal Ctags is recommended for a good Tagbar experience. For other kinds of setups, rust.vim tries to configure Tagbar to some degree.

Formatting with rustfmt

The :RustFmt command will format your code with rustfmt if installed. rustfmt can be installed via rustup component add rustfmt.

Placing let g:rustfmt_autosave = 1 in your ~/.vimrc will enable automatic running of :RustFmt when you save a buffer.

Do :help :RustFmt for further formatting help and customization options.

Playpen integration

Note: This feature requires webapi-vim to be installed.

The :RustPlay command will send the current selection, or if nothing is selected the current buffer, to the Rust playpen.

If you set g:rust_clip_command RustPlay will copy the url to the clipboard.

  • Mac:

    let g:rust_clip_command = 'pbcopy'
  • Linux:

    let g:rust_clip_command = 'xclip -selection clipboard'

Running a test under cursor

In a Cargo project, the :RustTest command will run the test that is under the cursor. This is useful when your project is big and running all of the tests takes a long time.


Further help can be found in the documentation with :Helptags then :help rust.

Detailed help can be found in the documentation with :help rust. Helptags (:help helptags) need to be generated for this plugin in order to navigate the help. Most plugin managers will do this automatically, but check their documentation if that is not the case.


Like Rust, rust.vim is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0). See LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT for details.

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