An iOS app that helps students at Oregon State University find and share free food. My OSU + Google Hackathon 2014 project.
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⚠️ UPDATE: A lot has changed since this project was created, including the downfall of Parse, which was the backend for this app. Therefore, the app will not be functional if opened today. However, I do intend to rewrite this app in Swift as a weekend project, so stay tuned!

This was my OSU + Google Hackathon 2014 project, which took second place. The idea was to let students around the world stuff their faces with free food leftover from events. The interface is very simple, with the main view consisting of a map filled with pins representing locations of free food, with a large camera button at the bottom of the screen allowing people to share their food discoveries with the student community.


My team members were Rikki Gibson and Henry Kim. Rikki and I split the coding while Henry designed the interface.

Libraries Used

Further Development

I currently have no plans to develop this project further, but that may change in the future.