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This is the source code for my personal site. It is a static site generated by a homemade generator written in Haskell.

Build Status

The generator includes a tiny templating engine, an html and css minifier, and an aggressive font subsetter. One of my objectives was to cut all the crap (which almost by definition includes javascript) without compromising on design. An average page of my site weighs less than jQuery alone (which describes itself as “lightweight footprint”). That includes webfonts.

This is version three of my blog. Previously I used Hakyll (available in the archived-hakyll branch), and before that I used Jekyll.


The source code for this site is licensed under version 3 of the the GNU General Public Licence. See the licence file. The content of the posts is licensed under the Creative Commons BY SA licence. For the font license details, see the readme in the fonts directory.


All dependencies are available in a Nix profile that you can enter with

$ nix run --command $SHELL

This will bring a python3 on the path with the right requirements for font subsetting, as well as the blog generator itself, and tools for compressing images.

The generator gets built as part of the development environment, but you can also compile it manually with GHC if you like. Then build the site (requires fonts to be present):

$ ghc -o blog src/*.hs # Optional
$ blog