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LUa CYcript
Lua Objective-C C
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This injects a LuaJIT interpreter into SpringBoard which can be controlled using the lucy command.

You can also edit res/LucyServer.plist to make it inject wherever you want.



Add as a Cydia repo, and install the Lucy package from there.



  • Mac OS X
  • LuaJIT (brew install luajit)

The commands you need to run

1: Clone aite and put it somewhere

git clone

2: Clone this and put it somewhere

git clone

3: cd into this repo and run aite

cd lucy

That creates a new file lucy.deb which you can install on your device.


Injecting into SpringBoard

Go into terminal, type the lucy default command. Get Objective-C and Beagle by doing:

objc = require 'objc'
beagle = require 'beagle'
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