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A simple process supervisor written in Go.


Paladin is a simple way to launch and maintain services. It provides the following features:

  • Simple TOML configuration.
  • Automatically restart failed processes.
  • Log each process to a different file, even separating stdout and stderr.
  • Specify process dependencies, so things start in the right order.
  • Launch processes under different users and groups.


  • Clone this repo in your $GOPATH.
  • Copy etc/paladin.conf.sample to /etc/paladin.conf and set your values.
  • Run go build.
  • Put paldin in your path.

Compile with something like -ldflags="-X main.localbase=/usr/local" on systems where the config file will not live under /etc, such as FreeBSD.


This code is under the BSD-2-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for the full text.


The config file uses TOML format. It consists of general options, and several [[process]] blocks that define each process that paladin is responsible for.

General Options

The following general options do not go inside a TOML block:

Name Required Description
log_file N File path for main output. An empty string means stderr.

Process-specific Options

The following options are per-process, and go in a [[process]] block:

Name Required Description
name Y Used to identify the process. Must be unique.
path Y The full path to the program to be run.
args N An array of string arguments for the process.
cwd N The current working directory for the process.
stdout N The file path for logging stdout.
stderr N The file path for logging stderr. Follows stdout if unset.
user N Run the process as this user.
group N Run the process as this group.
restart_delay N Milliseconds to wait before restarting.
ignore_failure N Boolean. Set to true to disable restarting on failure.
min_runtime N Don't restart if it fails in fewer than this many milliseconds.
soft_depends N List of processes that must be started before this one.

Example Configuration

log_file = "/var/log/paladin.log"

name = "my-program"
path = "/path/to/my-program"
args = []
cwd = "/path/to"
restart_delay = 1000
min_runtime = 100
stdout = "/tmp/my-program-stdout"
user = "myuser"
group = "mygroup"

name = "my-other-program"
path = "/path/to/my-other-program"
args = ["-a", "-d"]
min_runtime = 100
soft_depends = [ "my-program" ]
restart_delay = 1000

Command-line Options

Name Required Description
-f N The config file to use. Defaults to /etc/paladin.conf (unless localbase is set).