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rem() is a Sass mixin that converts pixel values to rem values for whatever property is passed to it.

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Update readme to reflect changes in pixel-fallback control variable names, for voice and tone, clarity and length. 
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rem() is a Sass mixin for setting css properties in rems with fallback values in pixels for less-capable browsers.


@mixin rem($property, $values, [$use-px-fallbacks: $rem-with-px-fallbacks])


(Note that a version of this mixin will be included in an upcoming release of Compass.)

// Set configurable variables, if you want to change defaults
$base-font-size: 18px; // default: 16px, same as default browser font-size
$rem-with-px-fallbacks: true; // default: true;

// Import the rem partial
@import "my-partials-path/rem";

// Style a heading
h1 {
  @include rem(font-size, 2rem);
  @include rem(margin-bottom, 1.5rem)

// Output a border with width set in rems
.box {
  @include rem(border, 1px solid #bff);

The following CSS will be produced:

h1 {
  font-size: 36px;
  font-size: 2rem;
  margin-bottom: 27px;
  margin-bottom: 1.5rem;

.box {
  border: 1px solid #bbffff;
  border: 0.063rem solid #bbffff;

There are no restrictions on the style property/ies you can pass in. Values that aren’t in px or rem pass through the mixin untouched. Therefore, you can mix units and still get correct results:

.crazy-units {
  @include rem(padding, .5rem 16pt 8px .5em);

Controlling pixel fallbacks

You can use the mixin without supporting older browsers either one a case-by-case basis or globally.

To control fallbacks at the mixin level as-needed, pass false as a parameter after your values:

@include rem(margin, 21px auto, false);

To disable pixel fallbacks globally, set the global $rem-with-px-fallbacks to false before importing the partial:

$print-rem-px-fallbacks: false;

@import "path/to/rem";

Based on the work of Ray Brown and Adam Stacoviak. Huge thanks to Chris Eppstein and Nathan Weizenbaum for the awesomeness that is Compass and Sass.

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