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"Mono" fonts are not working in Kitty terminal #268

sergei-dyshel opened this issue May 9, 2018 · 15 comments

"Mono" fonts are not working in Kitty terminal #268

sergei-dyshel opened this issue May 9, 2018 · 15 comments


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@sergei-dyshel sergei-dyshel commented May 9, 2018

AFAIU "Mono" versions are explicitly made to fit programs which require monospaced font. I'm trying to recent release (v2.0.0) with Kitty terminal emulator but Kitty doesn't pick them because it does not see them as monospaced.

After opening a issue kovidgoyal/kitty#527 in Kitty's repo the author told me that monospaced fonts are expected to have spacing: 100 when querying them with fontconfig (fc-query <font file>). And indeed the fonts I've tried (Iosevka, Fura Code, Hasklig) don't have this property at all.

Interesting that fonts from previous release (v1.2) do have this property and are properly recognized by Kitty.

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@ryanoasis ryanoasis commented May 11, 2018

@sergei-dyshel I think I stumbled upon your issue in kitty actually. Thanks for opening an issue!

I cannot give any ETA, but this project will keep moving forward little by little!

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@cosmicc cosmicc commented May 11, 2018

Trying this new font for my powerline setup, and just ran across this too. 2.0 mono fonts not seen by kitty.

I got excited for a minute when i read the 1.2 fonts still work, but the font I use is Noto and its not on 1.2 :(

I guess I wait..

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@Thraka Thraka commented May 24, 2018

Seems multiple issues are being raised for really the same problem #269

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@maximbaz maximbaz commented Jun 4, 2018

Since kitty supports configuring icon fonts for code point ranges, an alternative and more superior approach would be to have an icon-only version of Nerd Fonts and plug it into kitty. #275 is a feature request I made for Nerd Fonts to publish such font.

This would allow to use original coding fonts and not patch anything, simplify migration to a different font once you are bored of your old one, and avoid potential issues that patching process might introduce to the original font.

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@kriansa kriansa commented Jul 15, 2018

@maximbaz Did you manage to use the Symbol Nerd Font on kitty? I'm struggling with it because it refuses to display the characters I specify on symbol_map.

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@maximbaz maximbaz commented Jul 15, 2018

To be honest I didn't even get to try it, as I stumbled upon the missing space issue and couldn't replace Font Awesome with Nerd Fonts anyway. But judging by what you are saying, the Symbol Nerd Font is also not monospace, so this exact issue applies to the Symbol font as well 😞

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@haasosaurus haasosaurus commented Aug 1, 2018

you can try the fonts in this branch of my fork for the time being, let me know if they work if you try them please.

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@zeorin zeorin commented Jan 3, 2019

@haasosaurus That works for me. Tested using the Iosevka Term Nerd Font Complete Mono (all styles) and Kitty.

yigitsever pushed a commit to yigitsever/dotfiles that referenced this issue Jan 23, 2019
francois-pasquier added a commit to francois-pasquier/dotfiles that referenced this issue Jan 26, 2019
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@bartlibert bartlibert commented May 29, 2019

@haasosaurus: I tried your patched Iosevka fonts on linux, and I see an issue where "ë" is rendered as "e¨" in a much smaller format as the other characters. This also occurs for other accented characters. I don't have this with the unpatched font.
@zeorin: Do you have this issue as well?

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@webhive webhive commented Jul 26, 2019


you can try the fonts in this branch of my fork for the time being, let me know if they work if you try them please.

Absolutely awesome!
Got my Kitty terminal finally working well
Thank you!

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@duganchen duganchen commented Sep 16, 2020

Let me just link to the duplicate issue that I just updated... #323

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@resolritter resolritter commented Sep 16, 2020

One way to make Kitty recognize any font as monospace is to override the "spacing" attribute directly through configuration.

Take a look at Kitty's changelog:

- Linux: Allow using fonts with spacing=90 in addition to fonts with spacing=100 (:iss:`1968`)

As an example, the "Noto Sans Mono CJK JP" font is not detected through kitty --list-fonts. I have to set its spacing with <edit name="spacing"> as you'll note in the code below.


<!-- Override monospace detection for custom fonts -->
  <match target="scan">
      <test name="family">
          <string>Noto Sans Mono CJK JP</string>
      <edit name="spacing">

You'll probably have to run fc-cache -fv after changing that configuration.

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@samyak-jain samyak-jain commented Mar 14, 2021

you can try the fonts in this branch of my fork for the time being, let me know if they work if you try them please.

@haasosaurus Are you making a PR to this repo? It would be nice to get the fix upstreamed.

akinsho added a commit to akinsho/dotfiles that referenced this issue Oct 16, 2021
This was a nightmare to get working again as the font needed to be
patched as it had been depending on some kitty trickery where the actual
patched font wasn't used but the icons for the other fonts was used

So I had to get the font patcher fork from ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/issues/268
and patch it remembering to pass the --mono flag
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@GBeauregard GBeauregard commented Nov 5, 2021

Is there a particular fork or patchset I need to patch fonts with this working?

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@ziriuz84 ziriuz84 commented Nov 6, 2021

Can you suggest a font that is not monospace?

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