[THIS PROJECT IS UNMAINTAINED] A Python driver for Zombie.js (http://zombie.labnotes.org/), a headless browser powered by node.js
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A Python driver for Zombie.js, a headless browser powered by node.js.

from zombie import Browser
b = Browser()
b.visit('http://pypi.python.org/').fill('term', 'Zombie').pressButton('submit')
assert "A Python driver for Zombie.js" in b.body.text

brew install node
curl https://www.npmjs.org/install.sh | sh
npm install zombie



To install Zombie from PyPI:

$ pip install zombie

...or, for the latest (unstable) tip:

$ git clone https://github.com/ryanpetrello/python-zombie -b next
$ cd python-zombie && python setup.py develop


Source hosted at GitHub. Report issues and feature requests on GitHub Issues.

To fix bugs or add features to zombie, a GitHub account is required.

The general practice for contributing is to fork zombie and make changes in the next branch. When you're finished, send a pull request and your patch will be reviewed.

Tests require tox and can be run with python setup.py test.

All contributions must:

  • Include accompanying tests.
  • Include API documentation if new features or API methods are changed/added.
  • Be (generally) compliant with PEP8. One exception is that (for consistency, and to demonstrate their analogous nature) API methods on zombie.Browser should follow the camel case formatting set forth in the zombie.js API (e.g., Browser.pressButton, not Browser.press_button).
  • Not break the tests or build. Before issuing a pull request, ensure that all tests still pass across multiple versions of Python.
  • Add your name to the (bottom of the) AUTHORS file.