Unifi Controller for Raspberry Pi 2/3
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Docker images for running Ubiquiti's UniFi Controller software on a Raspberry Pi.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile directory links


Ubiquiti releases 'unstable', 'testing', and 'stable candidate' versions as part of its beta group release structure. These releases are included here. Only stable releases are tagged with their general version (ex: 5.6 for the 5.6.30 stable release) or with latest.

Supported Architectures

arm32v7,arm64v8, amd64



A Raspberry Pi running with Docker and Docker Compose installed on it. Guides such as this or this are available for beginners.

On rpi:

  1. mkdir unifi && cd unifi
  2. curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ryansch/docker-unifi-rpi/master/docker-compose.yml
  3. (Optional) Edit docker-compose.yml to point to a different tag if you don't want latest.
  4. sudo docker-compose up -d

From any computer on your network:

Visit https://raspberrypi.local:8443/ with your browser. Replace raspberrypi.local with the actual hostname or local network IP address of your Raspberry Pi.


  • ./build.sh -v <docker version> -u <unifi version> [-t <additional docker tag> ...]

Example: ./build.sh -v 5.9.29 -u 5.9.29-04b5d20997 -t 5.9 -t 5 -t latest


  • ./publish.sh -v <docker version> -u <unifi version>

Example: ./publish.sh -v 5.9.29 -u 5.9.29-04b5d20997

TLS Support

TLS with Traefik