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PHP HTML utility module
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PHP HTML utility module.

use \phat\Html;

echo Html::tag('strong', ['class' => 'awesome'], 'It works');


  • Html::tag($tagname, $atts?, $inner?) Get an html tag (closed only if $inner is not null). $atts is string|array.
  • Html::atts($atts) - Convert attributes into a properly encoded string for use in html. $atts is string|array.
  • Html::parseAtts($atts) - Convert attributes into an array for use in PHP.
  • Html::esc($string) - Escape a string for use in html. Ensure that entities are not double encoded.
  • Html::encode($value) - Encode a value into a string for use in an html attribute. Uses esc or json_encode as needed.
  • Html::decode($value) - Decode a value that was previously encoded via encode or json_encode
  • Html::implode($values, $delimiter?) - Deep implode. Defaults to SSV.
  • Html::explode($values, $delimiter?) - Explode by one or more delimiters. Defaults to SSV.
  • Html::respace($text, $replacement?) Replace or normalize whitespace.
  • Html::rebreak($text, $replacement?) Replace or normalize line breaks.
  • Html::dom($html) - Parse markup (or an array of nodes) into a DOMDocument object.
  • Html::method($name) - Get a fully-qualified method name for use like array_map(Html::method('esc'), $array)

_e methods echo the result of the underlying function via overloading. For example:

  • Html::esc_e($string)
  • Html::tag_e($tagname, $atts, $inner_html)



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