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ReGameDLL_CS Build Status Download Percentage of issues still open License: GPL v3 Counter-Strike 1.6 GameDLL

Reverse-engineered gamedll (mp.dll / Counter-Strike)

What is this?

Regamedll_CS is a result of reverse engineering of original library mod HLDS (build 6153beta) using DWARF debug info embedded into linux version of HLDS, cs.so

Goals of the project

  • Provide more stable (than official) version of Counter-Strike game with extended API for mods and plugins

How can use it?

ReGameDLL_CS is fully compatible with official mod CS 1.6 / CZero by Valve. All you have to do is to download binaries and replace original mp.dll/cs.so

Compiled binaries are available here: link

Archive's bin directory contains 2 subdirectories, 'bugfixed' and 'pure'

  • 'pure' version is designed to work exactly as official mod CS
  • 'bugfixed' version contains some fixes and improvements

Warning! ReGameDLL_CS is not binary compatible with original hlds since it's compiled with compilers other than ones used for original mod CS. This means that plugins that do binary code analysis (Orpheu for example) probably will not work with ReGameDLL_CS.

Configuration (cvars)

CVar Default Min Max Description
mp_freeforall 0 0 1 The style of gameplay where there aren't any teams (FFA mode)
0 disabled
1 enabled
mp_autoteambalance 1 0 2 Auto balancing of teams.
0 disabled
1 on after next round
2 on next round
mp_buytime 1.5 0.0 - Designate the desired amount of buy time for each round. (in minutes)
-1 means no time limit
0 disable buy
mp_maxmoney 16000 0 0x7FFFFFFF The maximum allowable amount of money in the game
mp_round_infinite 0 0 1 Flags for fine grained control (choose as many as needed)
0 disabled
1 enabled

or flags
a block round time round end check
b block needed players round end check
c block VIP assassination/success round end check
d block prison escape round end check
e block bomb round end check
f block team extermination round end check
g block hostage rescue round end check

Example setting: "ae" blocks round time and bomb round end checks
mp_roundover 0 - - The round by expired time will be over, if on a map it does not have the scenario of the game.
0 disabled
1 enabled
mp_round_restart_delay 5 - - Number of seconds to delay before restarting a round after a win.
mp_hegrenade_penetration 0 0 1 Disable grenade damage through walls.
0 disabled
1 enabled
mp_nadedrops 0 0 2 Drop a grenade after player death.
0 disabled
1 drop one the grenade
2 drop an everyone grenades
mp_roundrespawn_time 20 0 - Player cannot respawn until next round if more than N seconds has elapsed since the beginning round
mp_auto_reload_weapons 0 0 1 Automatically reload each weapon on player spawn.
0 disabled
1 enabled
mp_refill_bpammo_weapons 0 0 3 Refill amount of backpack ammo up to the max.
0 disabled
1 refill backpack ammo on player spawn
2 refill backpack ammo on player spawn and on the purchase of the item
3 refill backpack ammo on each weapon reload
mp_auto_join_team 0 0 1 Automatically joins the team.
0 disabled
1 enable (Use in conjunction with the cvar humans_join_team any/CT/T)
mp_max_teamkills 3 0 - Maximum number of allowed teamkills before autokick. Used when enabled mp_autokick.
mp_fragsleft - - - Is the number of frags left, if you have set mp_fraglimit. You just type mp_fragsleft in server console, and it tells you the number of frags left depending of mp_fraglimit.
mp_fraglimit 0 0 - If set to something other than 0, when anybody’s scored reaches mp_fraglimit the server changes map.
0 means no limit
mp_timeleft - - - Is the number of time left before the map changes, if you have set mp_timelimit. You just type mp_timeleft in server console, and it tells you the number of time left depending of mp_timelimit.
mp_timelimit 0 - - Period between map rotations.
0 means no limit
mp_forcerespawn 0 0 - Players will automatically respawn when killed.
0 disabled
>0.00001 time delay to respawn
mp_hostage_hurtable 1 0 1 The hostages can take damage.
0 disabled
1 from any team
2 only from CT
3 only from T
mp_show_radioicon 1 0 1 Show radio icon.
0 disabled
1 enabled
mp_old_bomb_defused_sound 1 0 1 Play "Bomb has been defused" sound instead of "Counter-Terrorists win" when bomb was defused
0 disabled
1 enabled
showtriggers 0 0 1 Debug cvar shows triggers.
sv_alltalk 0 0 4 When players can hear each other (further explanation).
0 dead don't hear alive
1 no restrictions
2 teammates hear each other
3 Same as 2, but spectators hear everybody
4 alive hear alive, dead hear dead and alive.
bot_deathmatch 0 0 1 Set's the mode for the zBot.
0 disabled
1 enable mode Deathmatch and not allow to do the scenario
bot_quota_mode normal - - Determines the type of quota.
normal default behaviour
fill the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota
mp_item_staytime 300 - - Time to remove item that have been dropped from the players.
mp_legacy_bombtarget_touch 1 0 1 Legacy func_bomb_target touch. New one is more strict.
0 New behavior
1 Legacy behavior
mp_respawn_immunitytime 0 0 - Specifies the players defense time after respawn. (in seconds).
0 disabled
>0.00001 time delay to remove protection

How to install zBot for CS 1.6?

  • Extract all the files from an archive
  • Enter -bots option at the command line HLDS

Build instructions

There are several software requirements for building Regamedll_CS:

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK) 7+ (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html)
  2. For Windows: Visual Studio 2015 and later
  3. For Linux: Intel C++ Compiler 15 and later

Checking requirements

JDK version


> %JAVA_HOME%\bin\javac -version
javac 1.8.0_25


$ javac -version
javac 1.7.0_65

Visual Studio

Help -> About


$ icc --version
icc (ICC) 15.0.1 20141023


On Windows:

gradlew --max-workers=1 clean buildRelease
  • For faster building without unit tests use this❗️
gradlew --max-workers=1 clean buildFixes

On Linux (ICC):

./gradlew --max-workers=1 clean buildRelease
  • For faster building without unit tests use this❗️
./gradlew --max-workers=1 clean buildFixes

On Linux (GCC):

./gradlew --max-workers=1 clean -PuseGcc buildRelease
  • For faster building without unit tests use this❗️
./gradlew --max-workers=1 clean -PuseGcc buildFixes

Compiled binaries will be placed in the build/binaries/ directory


Thanks to the project ReHLDS ( ReGameDLL_CS was created on the basis of ReHLDS )

How can I help the project?

Just install it on your game server and report problems you faced.
Merge requests are also welcome :shipit: