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@wopox1337 wopox1337 released this 31 Dec 19:01
· 30 commits to master since this release

What's Changed

  • Adjust gib's velocity limit according to sv_maxvelocity by @dystopm in #846
  • API: Implement PM_LadderMove hook by @ShadowsAdi in #740
  • mp_fadetoblack fade timings now depends from mp_dying_time CVar by @wopox1337 in #845
  • API: CSPlayerWeapon integration + new members and functions by @dystopm in #850
  • API: Added new API funcs (6) and new Hookchains (21) by @dystopm in #849
  • API: CSPlayer new members (physics related) by @dystopm in #851
  • Ensure m_pDriver assignation on func_vehicle only by @dystopm in #853
  • Various defuser fixes and code refactory by @dystopm in #848
  • Fixed crash sometimes occurring while map analyzing for zbot navigation by @s1lentq in #844
  • Fixed of m_lastDamageAmount recording during armor calculation by @Javekson in #857
  • Fix: Grenade weaponbox not deploying on unarmed player by @dystopm in #847
  • New CVar: mp_team_flash by @aleeperezz16 in #693
  • Refactored RemovePlayerItemEx and Extended DestroyItem in CBasePlayerItem by @Javekson in #864
  • API: CSPlayer methods enhancement by @dystopm in #862
  • FIX: Reloading animation bug while holding weapon with altered Maxclip by @dystopm in #861
  • Add an extended player's DeathMsg message by @s1lentq in #858
  • SG_Detonate: make event realible by @wopox1337 in #875
  • Updated the GiveC4 to return a player pointer by @Javekson in #876
  • Small defuser refactory by @dystopm in #871
  • Observer_SetMode: Use Observer_IsValidPlayer function inside by @dystopm in #872
  • DropPlayerItem: Ensure HasPrimary flag assignation on successful weapon removal by @dystopm in #866
  • Ammo type hardcode fix by @Vaqtincha in #882
  • Added updating more game info to the player who started recording the demo by @s1lentq in #881
  • Implement PlayerDeathThink hook by @fl0werD in #885
  • New CVars: mp_freezetime_duck and mp_freezetime_jump by @FEDERICOMB96 in #886
  • Use CSEntity member to hold last inflictor from TakeDamage by @dystopm in #896
  • Changed the order of setting pev->body for the correct value in SetBo… by @Javekson in #893
  • Fixed grenades disappearing when speed exceeds 2000 fixed units ignoring sv_maxvelocity by @dystopm in #888
  • Avoid intro camera switching when only 1 trigger_camera available by @dystopm in #873
  • Implements Observer_Think Hook by @Mythlogic in #894
  • Tiny API code clean by @dystopm in #897
  • Allow null player pointer in CreateWeaponBox by @dystopm in #899
  • Update studio.h constants by @dystopm in #898
  • Initialize m_pevLastInflictor to nullptr to avoid garbage memory by @dystopm in #901
  • Add member m_iGibDamageThreshold to control GIB damage threshold by @dystopm in #904

New Contributors

  • @Javekson made their first contribution in #857
  • @Mythlogic made their first contribution in #894

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