Frequent Problems

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An Agent doesn't get assigned to a task even if he has the highest priority

There are two cases which can cause this:

  • If the task uses a hashlist or wordlists/rules which are marked as secret, the agents needs to be trusted to be allowed to be assigned to this task. To check if the agent is trusted, visit the agent details page.

  • In case the agent has no GPU (or the agent failed to detect the GPUs on the registration) it is viewed as CPU only agent. These agents only get cpu-only tasks assigned, all normal tasks are ignored. To check this status, also check the agent details page

I get negative numbers as chunk length

If you get negative chunk lengths, for example like:


it may be that your server has 32-bit PHP only. Hashtopolis requires to have 64-bit PHP to handle very large numbers. If you want to test your server PHP setup, you can use this small script:

switch(PHP_INT_SIZE) {
    case 4:
        echo '32-bit version of PHP';
    case 8:
        echo '64-bit version of PHP';
        echo 'PHP_INT_SIZE is ' . PHP_INT_SIZE;

I get "Fatal Error ! Database connection failed" during the install process

Ensure your mysql server is running and listening. Ensure the mysql and mcrypt PHP modules are installed and enabled in the php.ini


Hashes containing colons are not handled correctly

Hashes like for example NetNTLMv2 contain multiple colons inside the hash. In this case it should not get separated into hash/salt as this would make it impossible to crack and successfully submit back to the server. In this case you need to set a different separator than the colon when creating the hashlist, by setting the salt separator (to something which does not appear in the hash itself).

For further details, read this issue

I cannot increase max hash length over 1024 chars

On the server config the max hash/plain length can be extended. Depending on your MySQL configuration the server does not allow you to go over 1024 chars. To avoid this you need to take care about the InnoDB key length configuration, but the exact required configuration is unknown yet.

hashcat64.osx is not found only offers directly downloadable binaries for Windows and Linux. If you want to use it for OS X you need to download the sources, build it with make, call the built file hashcat64.osx and add it to the hashcat 7z archive. This archive should then be hosted somewhere for the clients to download and this url must be configured for the cracker binary.

Benchmark result is 0

If the agent sends always benchmark result 0 back to the server, check what the output of the same Hashcat command is. It's possible that Hashcat for some reasons does not update the progress count very often and therefore the progress is still stuck at 0 even after running 30 seconds (Hashcat does make progress, but it jumps in larger steps sometimes)

I cannot log in after installation and I'm using WAMP

WAMP does aggressively cache everything, even php files which change during the installation of Hashtopolis. To be able to run with WAMP you need to turn of this caching feature by setting opcache.enable=0 in the php.ini file.

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