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How notifications work

Hashtopolis has the ability to send notifications. So if you want to know when a hash is cracked, or if a new task is created, etc. Hashtopolis notifies you and you're up to date! Notifications are accessible in theMy Account -> Notifications menu. These will be your personal notifications, other users cannot see what notifications you have configured.

Hashtopolis currently includes the following notification types:

  • Email: Just a simple text notification sent to a specified email.
  • ChatBot: Notification which will be sent via curl to a chat program like Slack or Mattermost. (Tested on Mattermost)
  • Example: This is basically just an example notification which is designed to demonstrate how a notification type can be defined. It's not very useful.

Notification Configuration:

  • Trigger Action: This will define what type of actions trigger notifications. For detailed explanations of actions see the list below. If available you see a second dropdown where you can apply the selected action to either ALL of the objects (for example if you want to get notified on all tasks) or you can just set it to a specific one.
  • Executed Notification: Here you just simply select the notification type you want. (Email. Chatbot, Etc.)
  • Receiver: This changes depending on the type of notification. If you set an Email notification, you need to enter the Email address you want to use there. If you use a ChatBot you should enter the payload URL there.

How to create own notification type

TODO: explain what needs to be done to create own notification type

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