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Big Scale Decision Making Tool Nabú is a big scale organization tool for cooperative groups.

It is based on an iterative evolution cycle formed of: group decision making, organizational structures, projects tracing and evaluation of results. It starts from an objective and reflects constantly all the information people say, creating group consciousness.

The purpose of Nabú is to write consensus documents. These documents are the result of everybody's opinion and the generators for real actions. To start a real action a consensus document is needed. Everybody can purpose a complete document at any time or just a part of it. All parts are represented in a tree (reflection method) so everybody can see the map of proposals at any time.

  • Convergence or divergence The most important learning about the tree is to see quickly documents that are converging and documents that are diverging. Convergence is near to consensus and divergence is far. In a cooperative group, we need consensus documents to start real actions, so everybody wants to construct consensus document. Consensus is a cooperative task

Group composition is allowed to create big scale communities.

Basic rules to be considered NABU

  • NABU is designed to create SELF organized communities
  • 100% horizontal and egalitarian schema
  • Everybody see the same information, no special users
  • Discussions are anonymous
  • Software is GNU GLP to be transparent
  • Project is based on torus network geometry

Nabu is based on Torus Network method Also at:

Project web page:


Big Scale Decision Making Tool




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