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constructed language for: artificial intelligence
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Maj is an artificial language for chat:


  1. Articulated;
  2. Accesible;
  3. Logical;
  4. Efficient;
  5. Minimal;
  6. Popular;
  7. Entertaining.


Basic rules for new language:

  1. one letter do not represent anything else but itself;
  2. one letter is pronounced always the same in all wards;
  3. one word have the same meaning in all propositions;

Maj do not

  1. Maj is not an academic language;
  2. Maj is not a scripting language;
  3. Maj is not a secret language;
  4. Maj is not for writing books;
  5. Maj is not for encryption;
  6. Maj is not for poetry;
  7. Maj is not for romance;


  1. A name of a single place or single person or pet can be written with CAPITAL LETTERS;
  2. A word that start with uppercase represent a person or animals or a robot or an AI device;
  3. A word for a thing that can not talk or move or do anything start with lowercase;
  4. A interrogative sentences can start with a specific preposition and end with a question mark;
  5. A imperative sentence end with exclamation mark, while a declarative sentence with dot ".";
  6. An enumeration of symbols or things is enclosed in squiggly brackets {a,b,c,44};
  7. An enumeration of numbers is enclosed in square brackets [1,24,3];
  8. You can use decimal numbers and math symbols only in round parenthesis, otherwise you must quote them;
  9. You can use double quotes like: "no" to suggest this is representing a foreign word;
  10. You can use single apostrophe symbol: ' to add a suffix to a word;
  11. You can use dash "-" to concatenate a prefix to a root to create a composite word;
  12. You can use single back-quote: 4+4 to enclose an mathematical expression or in-line code;
  13. Text enclosed in parenthesis (expressions) or (enumerations) are silent;
  14. Dialog is start with bullet point "*" and end with ";","?" or "!";


{ + - / ? ! . : * ; # ` _ ~ [ ] ( )}

  1. One star * follow by one space at the beginning of line start a bullet list;
  2. Number 1. follow by dot that at beginning of line start a numbered list;
  3. Lists lines are separated by semicolon ; at end of line;
  4. Two text enclosed with ** becomes bold;
  5. Any text that start and end with _ is italic;
  6. Any text that start and end with ~ is strike;
  7. Notation [Text](URL) is used to create hyper-links;
  8. Symbol # is header, ## sub-header (enlarged font);
  9. Commented text HTML notation: is supported;
  10. Enumerations are separated by comma, and enclose in brackets {a,b,c};
  11. Use ``` to create a block of code, that is typical to wiki notation;
  12. Use triple back-quotes for inclusion of any foreign language text;


Words are inspired from 7 different languages.

  1. Spanish
  2. French, Italian
  3. Latin, Romanian
  4. English, German


  • Numerals are original, first letter is inspired from Romanic languages;
  • All words are created manually using a translation spreadsheet;
  • We use a computer algorithm to evaluate language complexity;

The sentences

  1. There are 3 kind of sentences: {interrogative, declarative, imperative};
  2. There are 3 kind of answers: { affirmative, negative, informative };

Read more: The use cases


Language elements are designed in separated documents you can read one by one in this order:

Community: discord invitation


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