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travis status

Produce JSON for from Bisect_ppx coverage data. Also works with the original Bisect.


ocveralls bisect*.out > coveralls.json


--output      File where to dump json. Set to - for stdout.
--prefix      Prefix to add in order to find source and cmp files.
--repo_token  Use repo token instead of automatic CI detection.
--send        Automatically send data to using curl.
--version     Print version and exit with 0.

An ocveralls usage example:

BISECT_FILE=_build/coverage ./foo.byte
ocveralls --prefix _build _build/coverage*.out --send


From sources. Set bindir to the directory where to install the binary:

make build
make bindir=/foo/bar install

Via opam:

opam install ocveralls

Know bug(s)

Running the tool will generate a bisectXXXX.out file (XXXX being a four digit number). This is due to a side effect of Bisect.Common module. If this file really is a problem, define the BISECT_FILE environment variable to a temporary directory, or to a directory you do not have writing rights (the second solution will generate a warning message on stderr, except if you also define BISECT_SILENT to YES or ON).

On Travis-ci when installing ocveralls with opam, you may encouter ocveralls: command not found. Instead of calling ocveralls, use "`opam config var bin`/ocveralls".

Supported CI