Lattice Boltzmann (LBM) simulation package for GPUs (CUDA, OpenCL)
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1. About the project
Sailfish is an Open Source project.  Its code is licensed under the terms of
the LGPL v3.

The source code is hosted in a git repository at:

To get a recent copy, run:

 $ git clone sailfish-cfd

If you have any questions, patches, suggestions etc. feel free to send a
message to the project mailing list:

2. Running the examples
No installation is necessary, but there are several required Python modules
that need to be installed on the host system in order for Sailfish to work.
For a full list of these modules and their installation instructions, please
refer to the Sailfish manual at:

To run the examples, go to the appropriate directory and let Python know
where Sailfish is located by adjusting the PYTHONPATH environment variable,

$ cd examples
$ ./