This little program generates a thumbnail of a certain pdf for quick visualization. It is based on ImageMagick as it has all the functionality required.
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This is a little Python program which extracts a thumbnail view from a given pdf file. You can select the number of pages to be displayed. Hope this helps other to display their papers in their sites.



This program is just a shell of calling procedures for ImageMagick which is the package that does all the magick (o.O?).

The installation instructions can be found here.

Usage example

It is fairly easy to use, you only need to give it:

  • the pdf path
  • where the thumbnail will be stored
  • and optionally the number of pages:

3 pages

./ demo/report.pdf demo/report_3.png 3

5 pages

./ demo/report.pdf demo/report_5.png 5

All pages

./ demo/report.pdf demo/report_all.png