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Hate in OpenSource
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Hate in OpenSource

OpenSource is a great movement but it could be hard for maintainer to keep doing it. Why? Many reasons and haters is one of them.

In this repository I am sharing hilarious hate-post examples. The goal is to show you that you aren't alone in this.

Hope you'll have a good laugh and keep doing good stuff.

If you have more to share either about Yii or another project, pull requests are welcome.

Yii framework

Yii framework is one of the popular PHP frameworks I am maintaining with more than 13K stars at GitHub and many users all around the world. Such great adoption amplifies usual feedback OpenSource maintainer is receiving. Of course, there are "thank you" messages but as a maintainer you will definitely get some hate.

That's just "a bit" rude:

What kind of response Shahid was expecting by prefixing issues with "The worst PHP framework"?

Likely the same person. I guess someone reported previous account to GitHub.

This reddit thread is gold!

This issue is at least... elaborative.

Nope, that won't be implemented...

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