15 working examples to get you started with Deep Learning without learning any of the math.
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The Terrible Deep Learning List

Here are 15 open source deep learning models that programmers interested in deep learning can download and run first try. Seeing these examples come to life for the first time feels like magic. I want other programmers to experience this wonder. This is a terrible deep learning list. No attempt has been made to "cover all the bases" of the field of deep learning. But - If you have never "dived deep" into Deep Learning and just want to try something out, these examples are for you!

Remember, if you're getting into deep learning - change the world!

Part 1: Deep Learning on AWS & Using APIs

All Tutorials - Part 1: Deep Learning on iOS

Part 2: Deep Learning On iOS

All Tutorials - Part 2: Deep Learning on iOS

All Demos - https://medium.com/@SamPutnam/deep-learning-download-and-run-a9a1e374d2d9

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Want to learn the math and get these working on your computer?


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