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Who Am I?

"Who Am I?" is a small website that determines your interests by exploiting a:visited in CSS.

It was originally written as a proof-of-concept for a few people on IRC.

I would suggest that you don't run update.py too often, as it does not use an official feedly API, and I don't want to spam their servers.

This is basically a rewrite of the original, and should return better results.


Can't you get the square color automatically?

No, all links are treated the same from JS for this very reason. This includes taking a "screenshot" from Javascript.

I cloned the repo but the code doesn't work!

The website uses AJAX, so it needs to be run from a server. If it still does not work, file an issue.

Why are none of my squares red?

Squares turn red based on your browser history. If you don't have any history (or you are in Incognito / Private mode) then it will not work.

It will also not work if you have visited link colors disabled in Firefox.