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A command-line tool to manage Github Issues
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A command-line tool to manage Github Issues.

Currently it doesn't do much (you can just list the repository issues), but the plan is to map them to some git-based local filesystem than you can then grep, modify, pull/push etc.


You will need ocaml-github, dolog and cmdliner:

opam install github dolog cmdliner

To compile the project, you can then just run:

make install


Listing the remote issues

~/git/ghim$ ghim list mirage
48 issues found.
mirage/mirage #205    too little logging output when invoking `opam install`
mirage/mirage #204    clean is too aggressive
mirage/mirage #203    V2 improvements:
mirage/mirage #202    apparently odd set of dependencies triggering opam behaviour
mirage/mirage #201    Integrate @mor1 patch to fix the mode selection
mirage/mirage #200    V2: Need a write function in the console signature
mirage/mirage #199    Unify the mirage-types and mirage repositories
mirage/mirage #198    mirage-console is missing a Travis
mirage/mirage #193    Testing: packet generation using Ostinato

Mapping the remote issues to your local filesystem

~/git/ghim$ ghim clone mirage
48 issues found, cloning.
$ grep network -r mirage/mirage
mirage/mirage/128/body:- [ ] unix-networking -- @avsm
mirage/mirage/186/body:# networking
mirage/mirage/186/body:* I use PF available on the host to do the network plumbing required for the
mirage/mirage/81/body:(there may be other issues but) the problems i saw were due to the openflow module's use of Net facilities which don't yet have dummies in the node version of the networking, e.g. OS.Netif, Net.Manager.interface.
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