A Ruby library for accessing LoL Replay metadata in .lrf files
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LoL Replay Library

Greetings, summoners! (too cheesy?)

This is a Ruby library for accessing the end game metadata in .lrf files (LoL Replay files). It's pretty small and simple at the moment and just makes life a bit easier if you want to run some stats analysis on your LoL Replay files.


Provided you have Ruby with RubyGems installed, installation is the standard gem one liner:

$ gem install lolreplay


The program under the bin directory should give you a little idea as to how this library works. Here's another short example:

  game = LolReplay::Game.new "path/to/lrffile.lrf"

  samwho = game.player "Samwho"

  #=> the number of kills I had

  #=> the largest crit I did

  #=> the amount of gold I earned

  #=> the largest killing spree I had

LoL Replay files contain JSON metadata in them, all this library does is read that metadata and expose it through some classes. I took a bit of a shortcut when exposing the JSON data and made the method names the hash keys. So there isn't a single method for each bit of data, the method names are dynamically translated from underscored_names to camelCase and then fed to the hash as a key.

The upside is that the library should stand the test of time. Provided the guys at LoL Replay don't change where the JSON data is located in the file, this library should be able to get at any new metadata added to the files.

The downside is that RDocs won't represent the library very well. So I'll explain how to know where to find the data you want.

What data can I access?

Here's some JSON output of a recent game I had:

  "accountID": 12345678,
    "clientHash": "6f7t2dcaga7hfg64g9433408s8defy6y",
    "clientVersion": "",
    "dataIndex": [
      "Key": "stream",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 0,
        "size": 4367077
      "Key": "s0",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 4367077,
        "size": 84609
      "Key": "s1",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 4451686,
        "size": 109687
      "Key": "s2",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 4561373,
        "size": 112188
      "Key": "s3",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 4673561,
        "size": 132680
      "Key": "s4",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 4806241,
        "size": 93201
      "Key": "s5",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 4899442,
        "size": 107907
      "Key": "s6",
      "Value": {
        "offset": 5007349,
        "size": 113622
    "encryptionKey": "tPsrrs4l8e0qqe3ly6ouut4p",
    "firstWinBonus": 0,
    "gameMode": 1,
    "map": 2,
    "matchID": 263521613,
    "matchLength": 1849,
    "matchType": 3,
    "name": "YouSummonerName - ChampionName",
    "players": [
      "accountID": 23608408,
      "assists": 8,
      "barracks": 0,
      "champion": "XinZhao",
      "damageDealt": 49554,
      "damageTaken": 22591,
      "deaths": 7,
      "elo": 0,
      "eloChange": 0,
      "gold": 5860,
      "healed": 3375,
      "item1": 1055,
      "item2": 3006,
      "item3": 3072,
      "item4": 3086,
      "killingSpree": 2,
      "kills": 2,
      "largestCrit": 389,
      "largestMultiKill": 1,
      "leaver": false,
      "leaves": 8,
      "level": 13,
      "losses": 143,
      "magicDamageDealt": 965,
      "magicDamageTaken": 8270,
      "minions": 69,
      "neutralMinionsKilled": 6,
      "physicalDamageDealt": 48589,
      "physicalDamageTaken": 13535,
      "profileIconId": 23,
      "spell1": 3,
      "spell2": 4,
      "summoner": "ASummonerName",
      "summonerLevel": 30,
      "team": 2,
      "timeDead": 195,
      "turrets": 0,
      "wins": 153,
      "won": false
    "queueType": "NORMAL",
    "ranked": false,
    "region": "EUW",
    "replayID": -1,
    "replayVersion": "",
    "screenshots": [
      "name": "s0",
      "timestamp": 30052,
      "type": ".jpg"
      "name": "s1",
      "timestamp": 329992,
      "type": ".jpg"
      "name": "s2",
      "timestamp": 630036,
      "type": ".jpg"
      "name": "s3",
      "timestamp": 930077,
      "type": ".jpg"
      "name": "s4",
      "timestamp": 1230186,
      "type": ".jpg"
      "name": "s5",
      "timestamp": 1530203,
      "type": ".jpg"
      "name": "s6",
      "timestamp": 1830247,
      "type": ".jpg"
    "serverAddress": "",
    "serverPort": 5158,
    "spectatorMode": false,
    "summonerName": "YourSummerName",
    "teams": null,
    "timestamp": 1323233142,
    "winningTeam": 1

I've scrubbed any sensitive data and the names and timestamps have all been changed, just in case I get in trouble.

Basically, you can access all of this. The LolReplay::Game object you create will have this JSON inside it and whenever a method comes in, it will convert the method name from an underscore_name to a camelCase name and use it as a key to this hash.

To access the players, use the players method. Then you can access all of the stuff you see for the example player up there. That's all there is to it :)