This is a java program for intra-school Social Networking (The SQL for this network has expired please contact me at if you want ot use the service)
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1. About the project

LPS Connect is an intra-school social networking platform made on java that can be used to share messages based on the concept of Facebook in a non addictive way, this app can be extended to use as a platform to connect Students and Teachers and is a part of Computer Project that was made for CBSE in my 12th Grade

2. To Aquire a Detailed report and complete project 

However all the nescessary source code is on github, If you wish to aquire the completed project with details, project report and user manual please contact or stating the reason and need for the project, I am Happy to give the project to any student who wishes to learn from this.

  1. Keep Contributiong to OPEN SOURCE