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This is a module for MagicMirror that adds the Windy weather map.

alt text


You will need to get your own API key which can be obtained here. To use the module, add the following to the modules array in your config/config.js file:

	module: "MMM-windy",
	position: 'fullscreen_above', // this must be set to 'fullscreen_above'
	config: {
		apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
    initLoadDelay: 50, // optional, default is 50 milliseconds
		location: {	// optional location in latitude and longitude
			lat: 29.629633,	
			lng: -98.495894,
		zoom: 5,	// optional zoom level, default is 5.  Bigger numbers zoom closer
		particlesAnim: 'on',	// optional, turns particles animation on or off, default 'on'
		graticule: false,	// optional
		englishLabels: false, // optional
		hourFormat: '12h' // optional

For more information on the different options you can view them here

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