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A command utility to capitalize/upcase words in a file. First letter of any words are up-cased.
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capitalizr - It's a utility that lets you change the case (lowercase to uppercase the letter of the words) words in a file, leaving the words which have 3 or less letters. The file looks pretty if it has all words in capitalcase in it.

why not sed?

  • because capitalizr is easy to use, just damn simple
  • sed doesn't takes input from stdin, it just works on piping.


The one and only requirement is Python, if you are on any variant of UNIX (e.g. Linux, *BSD, Mac etc) then you have a good luck, else download it. The simplest installation (for UNIX) is download/clone the archive, extract it cd to it and run the setup:

$ python install

Refer to INSTALL file for more instruction related to installation.


After following the instructions in INSTALL file, you should be able to type capitalizr in terminal. Type capitalizr followed by the filename and the output will be on the screen:

$ capitalizr inputfile.txt

Pipe input to it:

$ cat inputfile.txt | capitalizr -

Input from stdin:

$ capitalizr -
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
the Quick Brown fox Jumps Over the Lazy dog

You can write the output into file by passing -o followed by output filename, and the output will be on a file named outputfile.txt:

$ capitalizr inputfile.txt -o outputfile.txt

Override the default length of words to be escaped. The default it 3:

$ capitalizr -t 1 inputfile.txt

Bugs? Suggestions? Questions?

Questions approaching in your mind? Found any bugs? Have any suggestions? Don't hesitate to post it at:

To do

These might seem silly ;) Here are implementation I want, priority wise:

  • Android App
  • Implement GUI
  • Put it in repository list of Ubuntu, Fedora etc.
  • Deployment with Debian package and Windows installer.
  • ~~Manual page (And the installation of it)~~ ✔

See also the sandbox branch of the repository.


Feel free to contribute, just fork, clone, do your changes, push and send me a pull request.

Here are the contributors:
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