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Manumorph - A Tensorflow implementation of Deep Painterly Harmonization

Sarah Frost, David Abramov, and Manu Mathew Thomas

Link to our paper

Overview of Project:


Style transfer, the technique by which the style of one image is applied to the content of another, is one of the most popular and well-known uses of neural network algorithms. Deep Painterly Harmonization is an extension of style transfer, but includes a content object which is placed on the style image. The network then harmonizes the style and the content. We build on Deep Painterly Harmonization, originally implemented in Torch, and re-implement the paper in Tensorflow. We extend the uses of the algorithm to explore different categories of visual media modification. We discuss the ramifications of style harmonization and style transfer on societal concepts of art, and we compare the results of the Tensorflow and Torch algorithms. Finally, we propose a design for a web application that will allow casual creators to create new art using the algorithm, without a strong technical background.

Table of Contents


To run the project you will need:

  • python 3.5
  • tensorflow (pip install tensorflow-gpu)
  • scipy (pip install scipy)
  • numpy (pip install numpy)
  • cv2 (pip install opencv-python)


Once you have all the depenedencies ready, do the folowing:

In, change content, style and mask to corresponding image paths

Run -- python

Pass 1 output will be saved as pass1_output.jpg and Pass2 output will be saved as pass2_output.jpg


There are 3 main hyperparameters:

Content weight - controls the influence of content texture in the output

Style weight - controls how much style is applied on the content

Smoothness factor - controls smoothness across the pixels





janefleming sarah


We would like to continue to experiment and test the boundaries of media creation using our Tensorflow implementation. We hope to test the algorithm with a black and white painting for style, while the content style is in color. We also would like continue investigating style subtraction and see if we can achieve more compelling results. This is an implementation of the algorithm in which a section of the style image is removed, and nothing is given to replace it. We would like to investigate how the algorithm harmonizes the empty space with the style of the surrounding image.

In addition, we hope to build a web app that will allow users to upload a piece of art with style and content and harmonize the media with ease. This will allow casual cre- ators to make media. Similar apps exist for style transfer (, algorithmia, pikazo, etc.) but an app does not currently exist for style harmonization. This web app would allow users to engage with the Deep Painterly Harmonization algorithm even if they lack the processing power of GPUs or the knowledge of recurrent neural networks.


A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style (PDF in Github)

Deep Painterly Harmonization (PDF in Github)


A Tensorflow implementation of Deep Painterly Harmonization






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