Extensible scripts.js framework for a Pokemon Online server.
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Pokemon Online server scripts

Made for the popular Pokemon simulator, Pokemon Online.


Stuff in braces -- {} -- mean you should type something there instead, excluding the braces.

Stuff in brackets -- [] -- are optional.

Regular user commands

  • /ranking
    See your own ranking

  • /ranking {name}
    See name's ranking

  • /clearpass
    Clear your own password.

  • /idle or /away Toggles your idle status.

  • /auth group:{group name}
    Finds all users under that group. Groups: moderator/mod, administrator/admin, and owner.

  • /auth user:{name}
    Finds the auth level of that user.

Moderator commands

  • /kick {user}[:reason]
    Kicks the user. Reason is optional. This is also aliased to /k.

  • /ban {user}[:reason]
    Bans user for 3 hours. Aliased to /b.

  • /ban {user}[:duration][:reason]
    Bans user temporarily. Provide a modifier for more fine-tuning.
    Ex. /ban BagAeolus:1h3m2s bans BagAeolus for 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 2 seconds.

  • /unban {user}
    Reverses the ban on user.

  • /mute {user}
    Mutes user until the user signs out.

  • /mute {user}:{duration} Mutes user for a time. The user continues to be muted even after signing off. Ex. /mute BagAeolus:1y mutes BagAeolus for one year, even if BagAeolus signs off.

  • /unmute {user} Unmutes the user.

  • /wall {message}
    Sends a message outlined in red for all to see.

Possible time modifiers

  • s: seconds
  • m: minutes
  • h: hours (default if no modifier provided)
  • d: days
  • w: weeks
  • M: months
  • y: years

Administrator commands

  • /permaban {user}[:reason] or /permban {user}[:reason] or /pb {user}[:reason]
    Bans forever.

Owner commands

  • /clearpass {user}
    Clears user's password.

  • /reload [url]
    Reloads from this github URL by default, or from url if specified. Note that you must have curl installed to reload from github.

x command doesn't work!

Please submit a bug report and a developer will get right on it.