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Optimize your simulation workflow.

awesim is written in Python and contains tools for pre- and post-processing of Modelica models.

With awesim you can:

  1. compile models, set parameters and solver options and start simulations
  2. run simulations in parallel on the same computer or different machines
  3. open result files, access simulation parameters and trajectories, make plots
  4. keep an overview of your cases by creating an index (called simdex) of different results
  5. filter your results based on filenames or parameter sets

Most of the tools provided are currently based on Dymola and the .mat result file. However, as other tools support this format, awesim could as well be used with OpenModelica or JModelica or other tools.

Simulation management is currently developed by 3E and KU Leuven (Belgium). We are currently evaluating the license...

See the documentation for more information.


Python module for management of Modelica simulation files in .mat format



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