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Shawn M Moore
Address: -
Phone:   -

Work Experience
Infinity Interactive
Software Engineer
August 2011 - present

Best Practical Solutions (Somerville, MA)
Software Engineer
June 2007 - June 2011
  * created the dashboard system for the ticketing system Request Tracker
  * added conversational text-based user interface to the web 2.0 todo app
    Hiveminder, with support for AIM, Jabber, Twitter/SMS
  * architected novel AJAX prefetching support for the Jifty web framework
  * primary author of a crowdsourced changelog classification service, used by
    Perl itself for perl5101delta
  * designed Path::Dispatcher to support the composable command-line interfaces
    of Prophet and SD
  * primary developer for many client projects

Moose [Perl] - a popular modern object system
  * member of the core development team
  * implemented anonymous and parameterized roles and many other extensions
  * taught several full-day Moose courses

Mouse [Perl] - a lightweight Moose-compatible object system
  * principal author
  * author of Any::Moose, which loads the more appropriate of Moose or Mouse

TAEB [Perl] - a framework for programmatic NetHack (bots, UIs, etc)
  * principal author
  * first AI to hit many milestones in the game
  * formed community of three authors, a dozen contributors, and many followers

KanaSwirl [Objective C] - iPhone game for learning Japanese
  * principal author

Interhack [Perl] - a popular NetHack-specific telnet client
  * principal author

Path::Dispatcher [Perl] - a structured dispatch (URIs, script args, etc) system
  * principal author

App::Nopaste [Perl] - a popular tool to upload text for public viewing
  * principal author

Pod::Cpandoc [Perl] - a drop-in perldoc replacement which falls back to live CPAN
  * principal author

Devel::REPL [Perl] - a modern interactive Perl shell
  * contributed many plugins, including tab completion and multiple line support
  * wrote Carp::REPL which invokes Devel::REPL on error as a debugger

Anki [Python, JavaScript] - a spaced repetition flashcard program
  * contributed several plugins, including a scratchpad for writing kanji

  * added phase-change DTrace probe
  * contributed documentation and tests for Perl's DTrace support

Shawn M Moore, 大輔牧. "メタオブジェクトプロトコル入門". WEB+DB PRESS Feb 2012: 166-173.

    Proficient in: Perl, JavaScript/YUI, Objective C, SQL, DTrace, Japanese
    Familiar with: C, Ruby, Haskell, Python, Lisp


I'm very happily employed, but it doesn't hurt to have such things 8)



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