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  1. awesome-teachable-machine awesome-teachable-machine Public

    Useful resources for creating projects with Teachable Machine models + curated list of already built Awesome Apps!

    184 26

  2. teachablemachine-node teachablemachine-node Public

    Using Teachable Machine Models in Node.js

    JavaScript 54 14

  3. content-moderation-image-api content-moderation-image-api Public

    An NSFW Image Classification REST API for effortless Content Moderation built with Node.js, Tensorflow, and Parse Server

    JavaScript 65 19

  4. content-moderation-application content-moderation-application Public

    A fully-functional NSFW Admin Application for simplified image classification & moderation built with Node.js, TensorFlow, and React

    JavaScript 24 7

  5. sashido-nextjs-boilerplate sashido-nextjs-boilerplate Public

    A boilerplate for your Next.Js project on SashiDo! 🚀

    JavaScript 7 1

  6. sashido-apple-sign-in-example sashido-apple-sign-in-example Public

    Swift 1


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