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@xzyfer xzyfer released this 11 Nov 04:47


Revert changes to raw CSS @imports

Due to unintended disruption this change has been reverted in favour of a language level revision to CSS imports to be implemented at a future date.

Note to implementors: this removes the sass_option_push_import_extension API added in 3.5.4. Apologies for the disruption.


  • Add deprecation messages for colour arithmetic (@xzyfer, #2414)


  • Support hex colors with alpha channels (@xzyfer, #2674)
  • Add a sass_option_push_import_extension C-API (@xzyfer, #1964)


  • Fix segfault in handling modulo operator (@xzyfer, #2659)
  • Fix handling of unclosed interpolant in url (@xzyfer, #2661)
  • Fix possible bug with handling empty reference combinators (@xzyfer, #2665)
  • Fix -Wmissing-declarations for gcc < 7 (@xzyfer, #2690)