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added 40 yard range check
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sRaidFrames x Jun 27, 2015
.gitignore Initial release Feb 1, 2014 Update Mar 29, 2015

sRaidFrames Improved WOW 1.12.1 with

  • highly customizable GUI
  • unique 40y range check
  • grid like healing indicators
  • aggro status
  • focus frame
  • class colored status bars
  • fast configuration


  • If you're using SRF 0.85 and older it's mandatory to delete SRF files from SavedVariables folder


  • sRaidFrames
    • improved version of sRaidFrames
  • Zorlen
    • sRaidFrames mandatory dependancy library


  • close WOW client, delete files (sRaidFrames.lua and sRaidFrames.lua.bak) from SavedVariables folder or whole WTF if you're lazy to find it
  • disable or reduce numer of buff filters(enabling buff and debuff filtering at once significantly increase UI load)
  • use combined range check instead of accurate one if you're healer
  • try to use supported unitframes(Default Blizzard, Luna, AG - Available from


cheers Ogrisch

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