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Slack Bot for WebHook

Very simple slack client by using incoming-webhook.

How to install

To install slack-python-webhook, simply:

$ sudo pip install slackweb

or from source:

$ sudo python install

Getting started

Get a token of slack webhook on slack page.


> import slackweb
> slack = slackweb.Slack(url="")

In case that you want to send a simple message:

> slack.notify(text="Maguro is a sushi")

In case that you want to send a custom message:

> slack.notify(text="Tako is a sushi", channel="#sushi", username="sushi-bot", icon_emoji=":sushi:")

If you want to use richly-formatted massages:

> attachments = []
> attachment = {"title": "Sushi", "pretext": "Sushi _includes_ gunkanmaki", "text": "Eating *right now!*", "mrkdwn_in": ["text", "pretext"]}
> attachments.append(attachment)
> slack.notify(attachments=attachments)

More detail description of message formatting, refer according pages:

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