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Dapp Dev Kit preview - ETC Wrapped into ERC223 Token
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WETC Bounty

Built with Saturn Dapp Dev Kit!

Based on ETC Labs Gitcoin bounty, but implements wrapped Ethereum as the better ERC223 standard instead of ERC20.

This code could have earned you $1,500 for that bounty! Check deployed version here.

Don't have time to learn tech and want to focus on making your business successful? We can help!


Make sure you have node.js installed. Also, download and run Ganache - your private testnet for smart contract development.

Then, in the terminal in the folder where you downloaded this git repo, run

# install dependencies
npm install

# to run tests, do
npm run test

# to build the project for release, run
npm run sol-compiler

# after that, to deploy WETC223 to Kotti, run
node scripts/1_deploy_to_kotti.js

Most interesting files to review

  1. contracts/ERC223.sol - this is the ERC223 token interface that we use ourselves for STRN.
  2. test/wetc223.js - this shows how to interact with this token, as well as tests for edge cases (e.g. ensure that balance of the token and collateral is always in sync).
  3. compiler.json - this is a configuration file for the sol-compiler tool, it allows you to select which smart contract you want to build for production usage.
  4. scripts/1_deploy_to_kotti.js - this file shows how to deploy your created and compiled smart contract onto the Kotti testnet.
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