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Home to the Small Basic editor (beta)
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* Case-insensitive IO blocking in TextWindow.

* Fixed input blocking & added tests.

* Case-insensitive Program.Pause() & Program.End().

* Added tests for Pause() and End().
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Build Status

This is home to the new SmallBasic editor. It has the following projects:

  • SmallBasic.Analyzers: a set of C# analyzers to help maintain the quality of the codebase.
  • SmallBasic.Client: a webpack project to bundle client typescript, sass, and image resources.
  • SmallBasic.Compiler: the compiler/main engine used to run programs.
  • SmallBasic.Editor: a blazor application that renders editor UI components.
  • SmallBasic.Generators: a collection of scripts to automatically generate thousands of C#/typescript lines used throughout the codebase.
  • SmallBasic.Server: an ASP server used to serve/deploy the editor.
  • SmallBasic.Tests: C# unit tests to test the compiler/engine.
  • SmallBasic.Utilities: helper utilities shared between different projects.

Developer Workflow

  1. Open SmallBasic.sln in Visual Studio 2017.
  2. Choose SmallBasic.Editor and press F5 to run in the browser. This will also listen to C# changes and recompile when needed.
  3. If you're editing SmallBasic.Client typescript files, you have to recompile that project, or run dotnet build Source/SmallBasic.Client /p:Watch=True from a command line to also listen/recompile these changes.
  4. If changing any auto-generated files, rebuild SmallBasic.Generators to regenerate the files.

NOTE: this issue is currently tracking improving this workflow.

Contributing to this project

Please open an issue or comment on an existing one before you start working on a change, to make sure the effort is not duplicated/merged appropriately.

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