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Developing Windows 10 Applications with C# (second edition: Creators Update)

This repository contains code samples from my book. If you have the first edition, the samples are compatible with it as well.

Chapter 1 What Is the Universal Windows Platform?

Chapter 2 XAML Basics

Chapter 3 Layouts

Chapter 4 Common User Controls

Chapter 5 User Interaction

Chapter 6 Styles, Resources, and Themes

Chapter 7 Graphics, Transformation, and Animation

Chapter 8 Data Binding

Chapter 9 Navigation and Windowing

Chapter 10 How to Create Adaptive Interfaces

Chapter 11 Tiles and Notifications

Chapter 12 How to build accessible applications

Chapter 13 Design Guidelines

Chapter 14 How to Publish Applications to the Store

Chapter 15 Introduction to MVVM

Chapter 16 How to Work with Files and Settings

Chapter 17 App-to-App Communications

Chapter 18 Application Services and Background Tasks

Chapter 19 Networking

Chapter 20 Audio and Video

Chapter 21 Camera API

Chapter 22 Speech Recognition and Cortana

Chapter 23 Maps

Chapter 24 Inking

Chapter 25 Sensor API

Chapter 26 Bluetooth Devices

Chapter 27 Kinect Development

Chapter 28 Platform Extensions

Chapter 29 How to Publish Web Applications to the Store

Chapter 30 How to Make Money in the Store

Chapter 31 Win32 Publishing

Chapter 32 Windows Notification Service

Chapter 33 Sending Notifications Using Azure

Chapter 34 How to Build Your Own User Controls

Chapter 35 Testing and Debugging

Chapter 36 Win2D: How to Use Graphics without Deep DirectX Knowledge

Chapter 37 Composition API

Chapter 38 How to Use Blend

Chapter 39 Internet of Things

Chapter 40 Project Rome

Chapter 41 How to Build Windows 10 Games in Unity3D

Chapter 42 Mixed Reality Development

Chapter 43 Xbox Development

Chapter 44 SurfaceHub development

Chapter 45 Introduction to Xamarin

Chapter 46 DirectX 12 to develop applications

Chapter 47 Surface Dial