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Java visual interface for the Nasa WorldWind SDK.

The main purpose of this project is to have a "reference" application using the Nasa WorldWind SDK to expose all the layers available.

Each contributor could add a specific layer to the project (or add a reference to the layer code) to increase the number of exposed layers.

A Java Web Start app is available to start the application without installation WorldWindEarthJWS

New York

Other screen shots


The project is base on a Java Swing framework called TinyRCP.

The projet is a Netbeans project.

The system is completely modular and plugin based. The main idea is to wrap WorldWind layers in a framework class which will expose the layer functionalities without interfering with the layer implementation. So the layer implementation keeps to be independent of the WorldWindEarth integration.

Each world wind layer is stored in a jar file with a specific manifest entry

Tiny-Factory: {full qualified class name of the factory}

The layers are recursively loaded from file system in the default folders



Work in progress, but enough for a Preview...


!!! Only 64bit architecture supported !!!

The project is a Netbeans project, for manual compiling, use the ant build.xml

cd {cwd}
ant build

To run the application cd in the newly created dist dir

cd dist
java -jar WWEarth.jar

To use only the World Wind Layer in other project, the folder dist contains the standalone WW layers libraries.



Adding new layer


To add a new WorldWindEarth layer you have to create a .jar which contains the classes and resources for your layer.

The manifest of the jar must be

Tiny-Factory: {full qualified class name of the factory}

The jar itself should be placed in the WorldWindEarth lib folder



Your layer must be composed of

  • A factory instance class
  • A plugin instance class produced by the factory
  • A WorldWind layer instance class returned by the plugin instance

Plugin factory

Your factory class must implement the tinyrcp framework factory


See the available code for example, the important method to implement is

public TinyPlugin newPlugin(Object argument);

The passed argument will be an instance of a world wind window


To restrict the layer to only planet Earth, the factory method

public boolean doesFactorySupport(Object obj); 

should return true if the passed object is WWEFactory.PLANET_EARTH


The plugin instance returned by the factory will be used for handling by the WorldWindEarth and TinyTCP frameworks.

The important method to implement is

public Layer getLayer();

The returned layer must be a WorldWind layer instance. A reference to the plugin which produced it will be added by the framework, but if the layer is changed outside of it's control, you have to set the reference with the setValue() call

mylayer.setValue(WWEPlugin.AVKEY_WORLDWIND_LAYER_PLUGIN, myplugin);

The main JDesktopPane on which the world wind window is used is passed as the argument in the setup method.

public void setup(Object argument);


Java visual interface for Nasa WorldWind SDK




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