🚀 Socify is an open source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails
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Socify is an open source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails. Here is the blog post: How to build a social network using Rails.


Do you want to see it in action? Here is a working version deployed to heroku http://socifyapp.herokuapp.com


Since my cloudinary free tier hit a bandwidth overload. So had to switch to AWS. If you plan on deploying to production please set the AWS key and secret as environment variables. Or you can checkout the older version which uses cloudinary https://github.com/sudharti/socify/tree/930b2f7c6a6eb6b442189dc6237765dbf16d461c


Updated the Rails version to 5.0. Thanks to @briankung for the Pull Request. There are some more things to be upgraded which will be done shortly. Refer this for the list of changes to be done https://hashrocket.com/blog/posts/how-to-upgrade-to-rails-5.

What it uses?

How do I get set up?

To set it up on your local machine here is what you need to do. Install Ruby & Rails. Clone this repo using the following command:

git clone https://github.com/sudharti/socify
cd socify

Then resolve dependencies using bundler:

bundle install

Run Migrations:

rake db:migrate

Run rails using

rails server

Populate Mock data

To test the app with mock data by running the following rake task:

rake fill:data

This will create records with values from faker & populator gems. Also here are the test user credentials:


index home profile post find_friends

Pull Requests

  • Fork this repo
  • Make changes to code
  • Send Pull Request


If you find any issue with the app please do raise an issue here https://github.com/sudharti/socify/issues


This project is Licensed under the GNU GPL V2. See LICENSE for more info.