Plugin inclusion

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How to get a new plugin included in Ecosystems ?

The inclusion of a plugin in the ecosystem includes a technical step at compilation time, and incurs a redistribution that must be allowed by the plugin's license.

Therefore, if you see a great plugin you would like to see included in Scala-IDE ecosystems, check if it has a compatible license (ideally Apache License 2.0, BSD License 2.0, Eclipse Public License, Scala License, or similar). If so, you should contact the plugin's author. He should then follow the process outlined in the Contributor's guide.

A plugin I like should be promoted to the Stable category !

A plugin you like is listed in the Incubator category in Eclipse ? You think it is awesome, popular and reliable enough to be moved to Stable ? It all depends on you !

  • Sing its praises in the scala-user mailing-list, taking special care to:
    • tell us how valuable this plugin has been to your developer experience
    • how stable your experience was as a plugin user
    • argue that the plugin has a significant popularity
  • Once the resulting thread has garnered uncontested assent ( and only then ), open a ticket marked as Enhancement on our tracker.
  • If the review of the plugin and the mailing-list discussion garner massive appeal, your plugin should be reclassified as soon as the next development build of the Scala-IDE is released.