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Netlify Status Codecs And Formats CI CodeQL Language grade: JavaScript Run on

Built with ❤︎ by CryogenicPlanet and contributors


Landing page :

Web Application :

  1. Go to
  2. Add video/images
  3. Choose settings
  4. Download processed video
  1. Install dependencies
git clone
yarn install
# or
npm install
  1. Build
yarn generate
# or
npm run-scripts generate
  1. Start
yarn start
# or
npm start

Full getting started at

Our Contributing Guidelines also should be a good starting point.

Full documentation is at

The API Reference is here

Project Structure

Browser Support

Our build of FFmpeg needs SharedArrayBuffer support so our browser support depends on that

Data on support for the sharedarraybuffer feature across the major browsers from

Learn more at: or


Built by @CryogenicPlanet


Apache 2.0