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FiM++ Interpreter
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The Language

This Interpreter was inspired by this post on EqD. I have taken some liberties at the language whereever the specification was too unspecified. Most of the basic specs is by DeftCrow.

FiM++ Interpreter

The interpreter itself is a JavaScript that can be used on any website. To use it, simply download the file fim.js or fim.min.js and include it in your HTML.

To run a piece of code, you can use the FiM.interprete method:

var code = "Dear Princess Celestia: Letter One\nToday I learned how to sing.\nI sang \"Hello World!\"\nYour faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.";

The interprete method takes some options as the second parameter:

FiM.interprete(code, {
   stdout: function(str) { alert(str); },
   stderr: function(str) { alert(str); },
   stdin: function() { prompt(); }

For stdout and stderr, the interpreter expects functions that take one string and somehow print it. Likewise with stdin, it expects a function that returns an input string. Per default, stdin is a prompt like above and stderr and stdout point to console.log, which may not be available on all browsers.

The FiM++ Language


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