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Specialized Minimal PDFs tools.


If you use this code in your publication, please cite:

Specialized minimal PDFs for optimized LHC calculations

##Existing results

The compressed sets quoted in the paper above can be found here:

The APPLGrids used to generate these sets can be found here:


Clone the master development repository by running the following command:

$ git clone

Or download the compressed archive without using git here.


SMPDF requires APPlgrid and LHAPDF. Make sure the following commands can be executed and give valid results:

$ lhapdf-config
$ applgrid-config
The default Applgrid installation **will not work**: **All** header files must 
be copied to the appromiate include path, and not only those copied by
`make install`, which is insufficient. For example, for a default
Ubuntu installation:

applgrid-1.4.70/src $ sudo cp *.h /usr/local/include/appl_grid/

Python 3.4+ is also required.

In order to manage the Python dependencies, Anaconda (with a Python
3.4+ environment) is the recommended way. After setting it up, cd into the directory of SMPDF and:

$ conda install --file environment.yml

Once all dependencies are satisfied, run:

$ python install

Note that the installer script does _not_ check for dependencies. This will
install the `smpdf` program and the `smpdflib` Python library in the appropiate

## Usage

The configuration is specified in YAML files (see `examples/`). A file consists
of a list of observables (file paths to applgrids and specification of the
perturbative order, where 0 is LO and 1 NLO), a list of PDF sets (valid LHAPDF
grids in the correct path) and a list of actions (see `--help` for a


$ smpdf --help

for the full list of options. Note that you will probably want to
run with the `--use-db` flag.

Generating documentation

[Sphinx]( version 1.3.1 or greater is required. 

In order to build the documentation, go into the `docs` directory, and

make api
make html

You can use the other build targets allowed by Sphinx. Note that the --help flag provides an overview of the most useful options.