An example integration of the SecureSocial and Deadbolt security modules for the Play! framework.
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SociallySecure is a Play application that demonstrates an integration between SecureSocial
(, an authentication module, and Deadbolt, an authorization module.

It’s still in development, and doesn’t look particularly pretty, but it’s getting there slowly.

Using SociallySecure

For the moment, only one workflow is supported.

  • Log in using Twitter. SecureSocial handles this, and retrieves your details from Twitter.
  • You can now link your facebook account. Again, SecureSocial handles the details.
  • Once you’ve taken these two steps, you can log into SociallySecure using either of these two accounts.

OK, what can I do now?

Try searching for other users (the search is very simple – it just works on the display name of other people)

From this point on, Deadbolt is handling the authorization dynamically.

  • If that person has declared their tweets to be publically visible, you will see them when you view their account. If their tweets are private, you won’t see them.
  • Add the person as a friend. They can now see your tweets.
  • If someone adds you as a friend, you can see their tweets.