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This simple jQuery plugin allows you to grow/scale/stretch any element in-place. In contrast to the jQuery UI scale effect, scaling an element using the grow() function will not cause any side effects to the positioning of other items on the page.


Well, it is painfully simple:


You just enlarged that thing by 50%, but how do you undo that?


Maybe you have a list of thumbnails and want to raise them on mouseover?

    function () { $(this).grow(1.2); },
    function () { $(this).grow(1.0); }

Use the second (optional) parameter if you wish to control the duration of the animation:

$('.explosion').grow(5, 'fast');
$('.tree').grow(2, 3000);


Try out this simple jQuery-grow() example on JS bin, where you can see and modify the sample live in your browser. For an example of the plugin used on a production site, try hovering the product thumbnails of Fritz Hansen's Series 7.


Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses: