Content presented at the 2013 SciPy conference
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SciPy2013 Talks and Posters

Instructions for Inclusion

Here are the steps to include your presentation or poster in this repository (tutorials folks can skip steps 2 and 3, go straight to your prepped directory):

  1. Fork the scipy2013_talks repository on GitHub.

  2. An example talk is provided in talks/jane_doe and an example poster is provided in posters/jane_doe. Create a new directory in either the talks or posters directory. Call it firstname_surname.

  3. Copy the contents of the example directory into it.

  4. Edit the in your directory to include the title, co-authors, date, time, your abstract, and any other information that might be archivally useful.

  5. Fill the directory with your actual presentation materials. If all of your material is already online, just include a link in the readme.

  6. Once you are ready to submit your materials, file a pull request on GitHub.

  7. Please do not modify any files outside of your talk or poster directory.

Pull requests submitted soon are more likely to be included.

General Guidelines

  • License conditions on images and figures must be respected (Creative Commons, etc.).

  • Any format is okay (html, pdf, ipynb), but we'd like to keep the total size under GitHub's suggested 5GB limit, so please only include files of a reasonable size.