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This repository

Tutorial material on the scientific Python ecosystem

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This repository gathers some lecture notes on the scientific Python ecosystem that can be used for a full course of scientific computing with Python.

These documents are written with the rest markup language (.rst extension) and built using Sphinx:

You can view the online version at:

Reusing and distributing

As stated in the LICENSE.txt file, this material comes with no strings attached. Feel free to reuse and modify for your own teaching purposes.

However, we would like this reference material to be improved over time, thus we encourage people to contribute back changes. These will be reviewed and edited by the original authors and the editors.

Building instructions

To generate the html output for on-screen display, Type:

make html

the generated html files can be found in build/html

The first build takes a long time, but information is cached and subsequent builds will be faster.

To generate the pdf file for printing:

make pdf

The pdf builder is a bit pointy and you might have some TeX errors. Tweaking the layout in the *.rst files is usually enough to work around these problems.


probably incomplete

  • make
  • sphinx (>= 1.0)
  • pdflatex
  • pdfjam
  • matplotlib
  • scikit-learn (>= 0.8)
  • scikit-image


Contributing guide and chapter example

The directory guide contains an example chapter with specific instructions on how to contribute.

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