A simple wrapper for Multichain's JSON RPC api that parses your input.
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A native Javascript client built for Multichain and Bitcoin

Note: The current version is compatible with Multichain 1.0.x. For previous versions of Multichain that may be incompatible, see Releases.

All methods from the Multichain API spec are available. This library does not currently contain all bitcoind commands that are not part of the Multichain API spec, and as such is not really suitable for use with bitcoind. If you would like to add these commands, please submit a pull request with tests.

See commands.js for all methods and their required / optional parameters.


The library includes a parser so you can pass an unordered object containing the parameters and omit any optional parameters you want, as seen in the examples below.

You may also pass an ordered array of commands like you would for any JSON RPC client that will not be parsed.


All commands can be supplied a callback. If a callback is not supplied, a native Promise will be returned.


SSL is supported. Pass your connection parameters as you would to the core HTTPS library.


To use in your project:

npm install multichain-node --save

To run the tests:

Make sure you have multichain installed, so that multichaind and multichain-util are on your path.

git clone <the repo>
npm install
npm test


Many more examples in test.js, but here's some basics:

let multichain = require("multichain-node")({
    port: 6282,
    host: '',
    user: "multichainrpc",
    pass: "somepass"

multichain.getInfo((err, info) => {
        throw err;

multichain.issue({address: someAddress, asset: "zcoin", qty: 50000, units: 0.01, details: {hello: "world"}}, (err, res) => {

multichain.sendAssetFrom({from: someAddress, to: someOtherAddress, asset: "zcoin", qty: 5}, (err, tx) => {

multichain.getAddresses((err, addresses) => {

    multichain.createMultiSig({nrequired: 2, keys: addresses}, (err, wallet) => {

multichain.getRawTransaction({txid: someTxId}, (err, tx) => {

    multichain.decodeRawTransaction({"hexstring": tx}, (err, dTx) => {


All commands are tested. To run the tests, pull the repo and make sure multichaind and multichain-util are on your path.

From inside the directory, run npm test.