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DeaDBeeF vkontakte plugin
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DeadBeef plugin for listening musing from


  • Retrieve 'My Music' contents
  • Search for music
  • Removes duplicates in search results
  • Narrows search to specific phrase (in contrast to default behaviour which matches any single word from search query)
  • Allow searching in artist name or track title only
  • Copy track(s) URL to clipboard (for later download or whatever)

Track(s) can be added to current playlist by double click or with popup menu.
That's it for now.



  • gtk+ (2 or 3 - should correspond to GTK version your Deadbeef is built with)
  • json-glib
  • curl
  • cmake


Build it with

cmake .

and copy vkontakte_gtk*.so to ~/.local/lib/deadbeef like this:

mkdir -p ~/.local/lib/deadbeef
cp vkontakte_gtk*.so ~/.local/lib/deadbeef/

Restart Deadbeeef player for it to load the plugin, now check out File menu


Arch Linux (AUR)
Ubuntu 12.10 (GTK2 only build). (Reported to work fine on Debian stable as well.) Package installs to /opt/deadbeef/ prefix as official Deadbeef package does. If you have a thirdparty package installed you may need to copy\symlink .so's to ~/.local/lib/deadbeef/ or /usr/lib/deadbeef/
Gentoo (appreciations to @megabaks)


  • Found a bug or have a problem? Raise an issue here! (This method is appreciated)
  • Don't have a github account? Comment on VK group
  • Me on
  • Me on Google+
  • Email & GTalk: keryascorpio [at]

I'll be glad to any kind of feedback from you! :)

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